I decided it was about time I started a blog to compile the stuff I’ve written as well as branch out and write more. The majority of my blog posts will pertain to gaming but I will definitely be branching out to other nerdy things such as comics, television, and film.

It’s tough to remember what my first video game was, I like to think it’s Crash Bandicoot, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Madden ’98. As I got older I was able to understand and appreciate video games a lot more.

Some of my favorite games come from many different genres but to name a few there’s:

Persona 4: Golden, Sonic Adventure 2, Dead Space 2, Tetris, Super Metroid, and Pokemon Silver.

I’m excited for people to read my thoughts and discoveries on what I read, watch, and play. Expect this blog to be updated at least twice a week. We’ll see, sometimes I like to spoil myself.



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